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Buzz -N- Zipp

Born on the Fourth of July 1999, while waiting for the main fireworks display in Prescott, Arizona to begin, zany and lovable Buzz and Zipp, well, sort of popped up, started flying around in my mind, then stopped and looked right at me. It was if they were saying, "Hi there! Well, what are you gonna do with us now." So as they started buzzing around in my conscious mind and vision, I was thinking about them and all that would follow. I think I laughed a few times about their curious and funny personalities. What a deal! A dad and a son. Mentor and protégé. A buddy and sidekick. For these two, it had just started.

The first episode is an introduction to these two learning and well-meaning East Coast house flies. They move to sort of escape the cold winters but still consider themselves East Coasters. But foremost, they are patriots. They love God, family, each other, and their great country. They also enjoy others from various places and seek to travel to new areas that they have maybe only read or heard about. The second book, The Pilot, is coming afterward, with new adventures to follow in the future. There are so many things to check out, from the atom to the universe and everything in between. Don't forget history and the happenings back when all the while going to the library to read some stories. Go back in time by way of the theater of the mind! With a little entertainment and education and bits of knowledge all the way through, these two are on track and are going places together! They are always glad to have their new human friends come along for the ride. Time flies and you're havin' fun.

--Benjamin Wolfe

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