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But I Can't Sew

When my son was a young boy learning to clean the bathroom, he yelled, “Mom, how do you know when it is clean?” Same thing in business. How do you know when you are on the path to success or failure? How long do you keep persevering or working at a project? When do you cut your losses or change directions? The answer is inside this book.

This is not a typical self-help book on achieving success in business. This book shows how to recognize the speed bumps or barriers that are surfacing in your path ahead. And just as importantly, how to laugh and enjoy yourself as you grow your career or business. Because the path to success is a journey and you should try to enjoy the trip. By sharing my own journey full of successes and “failures,” you’ll recognize the attributes that make an unsuccessful venture and understand what attributes make a successful venture. At the very least, I hope to entertain you along the way.

--Diana Hoffman

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