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Bullying: The Remedy Lies Within

An innovative guide to purposeful strategies for understanding and

transforming bullying.

Many educators and parents today find themselves at a loss when confronted with

bullying among their students and children. Whether it takes the form of social

exclusion, rumors, stereotyping or cyberbullying, it can be challenging to help our

youth navigate these difficult peer interactions. "Bullying: The Remedy Lies Within"

is a timely and meaningful new tool for teachers seeking compassionate approaches

in their classrooms; parents seeking ways to discuss bullying with their children; the

children who are hurt, and those seeking to help.

Written by a life-long middle school educator and veteran collaborator on effective

anti-bully campaigns, this unique book tackles the topic of bullying in a creative and

thought-provoking way. Placing an emphasis on kindness and empathy as antidotes

to hurtful behavior, "Bullying: The Remedy Lies Within" employs a heart-felt blend

of poetry, descriptive illustrations and interactive lessons designed to guide children

to transformative solutions.

A springboard for self-reflection and discussion, "Bullying: The Remedy Lies Within"

integrates nicely with social emotional learning (SEL) and wellness programs. Gentle

in approach, the supportive, read-together content makes a persuasive case for our

collective power to stop bullying—that it lies in our hearts and in our hands.

--Lynn M Bastoni

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