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Building America Great!: One Brick at a Time! A Biography of William R. Martin

How did a low-income boy from Long Island, New York, become one of the most sought-after construction managers on the East Coast of America? William R. Martin learned several trades at an early age then used that information to become a very successful construction supervisor. He worked hard, paying attention to every detail first as a carpenter's assistant, then a plumber's helper; and finally he was doing electrical work on his own built-from-scratch homes. Using all this information, along with a confidence, willingness to put in long hours, and desire to get it right the first time, all served him well in his career. Along his life's journey, he had dozens of interesting adventures (owned a restaurant), met famous people (served with Rocky Graziano in the Army), and built some of the largest nursing facilities, hospitals, and offices on the East Coast. He also served in the Army at the Roswell, New Mexico, base that was notorious for UFO sightings of which William R. Martin participated.

The author Stephen J. Cernava wrote this biography for

William R. Martin the subject of this book as a collaboration

built out of respect for Bill Jr's. accomplishments. Having earned

a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Stephen appreciates

the details along with trials and tribulations that come while

managing large projects. Stephen is originally from

Akron, Ohio and now lives in North Carolina. He has two children

John (UNC Charlotte), and Katy (NC St.) that he is most proud of.

This book would not have happened without the love and support

provided by my friend and love of my life Maria.

--Stephen J. Cernava

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