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Bubby is a delightful, coming-of-age story about a spunky ten-year-old girl named Jenny, and her twelve-year-old brother, Jake, who is in a big hurry to be grown up. The Johnson children are trying to adjust to a new lifestyle after being recently uprooted from their life in the city to a farm in the country. Their Grandpa Perkins recently passed away and left the farm and his Labrador Retriever, Shadow, to their parents. The entire family is doing their best to adjust to their surroundings and the challenges of their new way of living.For years, Jenny has been desperately wanting a puppy to love and care for, and when Shadow has her litter of puppies, Jenny begs her father to let her keep the runt of the litter. She has already picked out the name of Bubby for her new friend. Will Jenny be able to keep her new puppy, or will her father be forced to sell the entire litter for money to help pay for expenses on the farm? And will Jake be able to prove himself as he tries to mature and grow, or will his attempts be fruitless?This book spans an integral year of the siblings' lives and conveys the importance of having good morals and values when growing up. It also portrays what life was like in a simpler era of days gone by. It will transport young readers back to what today's adults consider "the good old days" and will allow those older readers to reminisce as to how things were back in the day. It also demonstrates how the love of one little puppy has a huge impact on the family in an unexpected way. Through the use of strategic humor, interesting dialogue, and plot twists, Bubby will keep all readers entertained and wanting more.

--Debbie Walters Cull

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