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Bonny Malt: Prince of Swan

Sudden apprehension, terror, and unsurpassed fright cascaded over the boy as he was held in a viselike grip off the dry and hard ground. Instantly, he hated the man in front of him more than the one that held him suspended. More so, because his trusted dog was limp at the man's feet. Then, unceremoniously, thrust in the midst of a group of strangers, who were as surprised as he was, nevertheless, unselfishly, welcomed him in their weekend of fun, where he called the only girl high priestess. And so, not many hours later, he and his captive uncovered and exposed the most secretive and illegal wildlife trafficking of birds, fishes, and butterflies in Kisskadeeville. A superb demonstration of in loco parentis. Good literature.

--Vic Ramphal

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