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Blind Switch

BLIND SWITCH—When a horse and rider are caught in a trap behind or between horses in such a way that keeps them from pursuing a free path forward. However, ordinary people can be caught in a Blind Switch, too.

What does the murder of a small-town police chief, a long-forgotten prize fight, and a jockey suspended for race fixing have in common? Clarke Campbell, Blind Switch protagonist, finds the answer, but not until he becomes the prime suspect in one murder and the intended victim in another.

After losing his beloved wife and best friend, Clarke has decided to walk away from his old, safe life and pursue a dream he has kept on the proverbial back shelf for years. So, along with gregarious pal and passionate gambler, Lex Nuckols, Clarke sets out to establish a small stable of racehorses of their own, while George Bernard Shaw, whom most folks know as Rabbit, is the stable‘s lovable seventy-five year old black groom. Responding to Rabbit's tender touch, the horses dazzle clockers one morning, and people take notice, especially Benjamin J. Shapiro, a vindictive federal appeals judge. And when the horses start to win, things begin to happen, but not always for the best.

Blind Switch takes readers on a roller-coaster ride behind the gates of two of America's premier racetracks, but the story begins aboard a four-engine aircraft high above the Pacific Ocean with a loose stallion on board.

Based on a lifetime of personal experience Blind Switch will be enjoyed by everyone who loves a good mystery, as well as the millions who clamor to their T.V. Sets on the first Saturday of each May to watch the next running of the Kentucky Derby.

--Claude P. Williams

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