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Blind Sight

Every twenty years, a rare lunar phenomenon occurs, called the perigee syzygy, or supermoon, also called the black moon. It creates a month with no full moon, always in February. The black moon is celebrated by pagans, witches. As a special time to work spells, it's considered to be more powerful and effective. My character, Angel Raye, was born under such a moon, and has powerful hearing and sight. With his eyes closed, he can see nefarious spirits, demons, ghosts, the harbinger of death, and others. Once the demons realize he knows they exist and he can actually see them, they attack. To protect himself and the ones he loves, he must create a strong defense. He finds powerful allies in his mother's earthly spirit and a Romanian, Alexandru Sarbu, a member of a powerful group called the Black Dragons. Together they fight evil that walks the earth daily.

--Alan Peterson

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