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Blind Embrace

Blind Embrace is an inspirational romance novel from a first-time author Suzanne Lee, based on a love story grown out of each other's catastrophe and loss, strength, and endurance. Kathryn Manning is the head cheerleader, prom queen, and beautiful blonde everyone admires in the small town of Wisconsin. Most of her life, Kathryn couldn't wait to leave her dull existence on the family dairy farm and live a fuller life as a famous model. The night before her interview in Los Angeles with a talent agency, tragedy strikes when she is struck by a semi-truck and becomes blind. As all her hopes and dreams now shattered, she returns to the once-resented family dairy farm to recover and gains a better appreciation for life and what it now has left to offer. The reader will be drawn into Kathryn's sudden world of blindness and how she must now adapt to her surroundings. After experiencing further loss, she meets the man who becomes the love of her life, Deputy David Mills, who lost his wife during his own disaster. Together they bond through their experiences, and love is born out of their strength and compassion for one another. Suddenly, Kathryn gets a phone call from the talent agency requesting she return to LA for an interview. Does she go or does she stay?

The readers will experience a wide range of emotions as they laugh, cry, and, most of all, gain a greater appreciation of those things often taken for granted.

--Suzanne Lee

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