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Black Tree, White Tree, Why The Difference?

When we look at the world today, we see that black people seem to be last or minorities in everything. Moreover, blacks are having more problem with the law, the police, being killed by police, more than any other races of people. There are other races of people who are planning and are happy to exploit and take advantage of blacks or black countries all the time… One for example is today in this twenty-first century in 2018. Chinese are taking over a radio station and the police department of the country of Zambia in Africa. What a shame… The big question is, WHY?

Mr. Fridolin Yaovi Avouglan since his arrival in San Diego, California, USA, in 1970 to today, has decided to answer the big question of "WHY?" And inform all the people of the world and especially the other races such as the white, the Chinese and Asian, the Indian, the Latinos North and South, the Arabs who never suffered the ordeal of the black African and the black American including all the blacks in the Caribbean Islands that it is time for them to be inform about the black people's journey from AD 1500 to today in 2018.

In the book Black Tree, White Tree: Why the Difference, Mr. Fridolin tries to inform other races of the world about black people's ordeals, and at the same time, he tries to call the black people of the world to be aware of where we were in the past, where we are today, and how we need to build a new tomorrow for ourselves and our generation and the generation of our generation. As all other races of people are continuing to build on what they already have, we also need to begin to rebuild our family and lives that were destroyed. We cannot wait for anyone to do it for us, and we should know that none will do it for us; it is our responsibility to rebuild our destroyed lives and families.

Black people in African countries are still under the control of the white European race who knowingly places dictators to lead those countries after they had managed to assassinate all the earlier African leader who desired to liberate their countries. They have done so to enable them to continue to ravage the resources of those countries depriving the citizens of rule of law, justice, and freedom necessary ingredient for development of any country. No wonder why conflict is so prevalent in Africa countries.

The author urge African Americans to begin to come to the rescue of African countries after they have rebuild their own lives so that one day we can all truly be free at last. I believe that the 70 percent of other races who are good human being will come to support every effort of the black people to rebuilt their lives. Many white had march side by side with black people before for black people causes. We are all human beings created in the image of God. But for those whites who hate black people and considered themselves to be superior to the blacks, I urge black people to forgive them when anyone asks for forgiveness and let God Almighty to be the judge of man's action. Let Jesus Christ be your guide…

--Fridolin Yaovi Avouglan

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