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Bitter Torment, Tender Memories

For a middle age couple life could not be better. Success and wealth had come easy, until one fateful day everything tragically changed.

Megan, was streetwise and outgoing, beautiful and smart, determined to shed off the hard life she had been dealt. Sheer luck brought her a new beginning full of enticing prospects, and welcomed challenges, though in the back of her hind she longed for answers about her clouded past. In her new environment, Megan is intertwined with a man driven to succeed in his business. Caston has no time for the distraction in his life and so he searches for Megan’s true identity, ultimately reuniting her with her parents. Megan’s life seems whole again, except for now what lay buried in the past is suddenly forced to surface.

Secrets unfold at every turn until one stormy night the twisted conspiracy is revealed. Arguments are made, a struggle ensues and gun shots are fired, but whose blood is spilled?

With Megan’s past now in order, she comes to a fork in the road, faced with making a decision. In the end, there is no denying her destiny.

--Kathy A Bottensek

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