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Biography of Bobby Collins Sr.

The goal and motivation for publishing this book is to promote pride, faith, importance of goals, education, and achievement. I was blessed to have a great extended family and wonderful children: Bobby Jr. and Alicia and the greatest wife a man could be blessed to have.

Most of my work as related to community service was motivated out of concerns for my children and all children of this world and my late wife’s concern for the safety and welfare of her children. My other motivation was to prove a false negative wrong, that being if you are not a person of privilege one will never attain your dreams and goals, and to do the best job possible so that individuals coming behind me would find open doors free of stumbling blocks. The other part of that message was that if one does find stumbling blocks, to respond by using them as stepping stones because life produces negative situations, but never let anything or anybody break your desire to achieve your goals.

A message to all youth that may read this book is that life owes you nothing other than an equal opportunity. Also, I subscribe to the adage that you may not get all you pay for, but you must pay for all you get.

I may not sell many books, but if my book motivates and saves one life, mission accomplished!

Get a good education and be prepared when opportunity comes knocking, as my uncle Robert “Bob” Collins (my hero) told me: “Set goals and have a plan on how to achieve them.” One of the most defining events was the day I received my associate’s degree in Business Administration from the greatest community college (Lewis and Clark Community College) in the country. That degree opened many doors for me and my family.

--Bobby Collins Sr.

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