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Between the Amens

In a fictional, dark, avenging, and foreboding kind of way, this book could remind one of the Batman series of comics. Except, the caped crusader responded to situations that needed his attention when summoned by the commissioner of police, and this book leans more to the preemptive and could be perceived as a call to action when directed to an issue by an individual or collective conscience. Both perspectives are routes to a corrective activity that must deal with the sometimes hidden agendas of egotistical entities that are operating outside of the best interests of the public.

Were we pursue the Batman analogy, his gadgetry and our technology play a very important part in successfully resolving many of the issues that confront either the fictional or the real world. Personnel assistance in the form of Robin and Batgirl—Batman being a superhero only needs two helpers—would be balanced with help in the real world by entire societies. But whether we are dealing with a Batman story line or a Between the Amens topic, the success of our endeavors will depend on the efforts extended, the skills employed, and an ability to sort right from wrong.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the contents of this book were written relative to what was happening and thought about some years ago. But, many of these issues still persist and are relative today. This may mean that well-meaning citizens among us still don't believe that the power of the vote really is POWER.

It may also very well mean that the best time and place to have those thoughts - that then become actions - that I've expressed here - still need attention of a more personal nature.

Maybe, my thoughts here will resurrect these same issues that you've once had.

Maybe, now is the time to actually give these issues more thought and then action.

Maybe, the "boomers" among us will think about what we've been through in our lifetimes that could have been avoided or turned out better.

Maybe, future generations can take such thoughts, issues and actions to fruition.

--W.A. Brunson

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