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Benny, the Crow: A Tale of the Everglades

Meet Benny the Crow. He's the bravest crow in the Everglades (or anywhere else, for that matter!) Orphaned by a hurricane, Benny's life with his adoptive mother Myrtle the Alligator and his alligator siblings is idyllic until…

As the story builds to a climax, Benny summons all his courage to save the day and his mother! Young readers and their families will enjoy this tale of bravery, perseverance, and the importance of family set in the magical "River of Grass." The illustrations by Margaret Estes bring color and texture not only to the story, but to the Everglades as well.

Benny the Crow: A Tale of the Everglades is the first of a trilogy featuring Benny and his adventures throughout life. We hope you will enjoy reading Benny the Crow as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Why did we write this book? Because every child deserves a good story, and everyone has a good story to tell!

--Ben Sutton

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