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Belated Justice

Thea Gareth was on a quest to right a wrong of the past. For services to the crown, her father was awarded a grand estate nearly thirty years ago. Seeking to solve the mystery surrounding Channing Court, Thea needed to know if her home truly belonged to her family. She felt the age-old secrets invading her thoughts ever since she discovered how the estate came to her family. With only the best intentions, Thea enlisted the investigative services of John Bradley who newly arrived in London. With his dark eyes, Thea knew he must have secrets of his own, but she ignores it in favor of the greater problem. Should she take it upon herself to thwart the wishes of the crown to see justice done? More importantly, should she allow herself to be led astray?

Ian Ashbury grew up in the shadow of disgrace. He was a year old when his father was accused of murder. In an illegal duel, he killed a man, but not just any man. His bullet took the life of one of the royal court's favorite courtesans. With little left beyond a tarnished name, the family relocated to America where no one knew of their fall from grace. Ian heard his father swear over and again that he only tried to wing the man on behalf of his wife who was treated callously by the fellow. With thoughts of revenge and justice, Ian returned to England, but he is distracted from his original goal by a fire-haired minx with more passion than even he possessed.

--S. A. Higgins

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