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Behind the Cloth

What has happened to the church? Remember how you felt when you first accepted Christ into your lives, is that feeling still there? Is the drive still in you for wanting to snatch people from hell by being an example and leading them to Christ? This book has been inspired by God to hopefully help us all get back on track by doing the things God called us to do. Behind the Cloth touches the very soul of people who have given their hearts over to God, fighting the good fight of faith as well as those that have been hurt by the church. There are times when we all have to do some soul-searching by examining our own selves to see what God sees in us. None of us are beyond correction - even you. We are in a Spiritual warfare fighting against the evil things that are going on in this world. We currently are living in a world where right has become wrong and wrong has become right, and yet we close our ears, eyes, and mouth and do nothing. This is a world of lawlessness; we are living in the last days. It is time to PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD.

--Jimmie Dismuke

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