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Beautiful People

Beautiful People is the story of the Beautiful People Magazine and Talent Agency, focusing on the exciting careers of Kristal Evans and Trent Scofield after they are featured on the cover of the first issue of Beautiful People Magazine—and strive to achieve success in the world of entertainment. From Houston to New York and Chicago to Hollywood, Vietnam, London, Paris, Rome, Churchill Downs, to Las Vegas and Hawaii, their intertwined lives evolve. Each character pursues their individual dreams, creating their own triumphant story—a tale full of life, love, beauty, and hope. The book is sculpted through the moral confusion of the American Landscape from the 1960s to the modern lifestyles of the twenty-first century. Beautiful People is a satisfying, exultant, amusing, sometimes ribald, often sexy and always uplifting experience—a good read. You will be carried along by the determination of these charming and irresistible characters. The book continuously informs, challenges, and surprises with engaging scenes and stunning events from the first page to the unexpected conclusion.

--C. L. Honn

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