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Backstabbing & Betrayal

Charlie Pickstand and best friend Queen Harley can't catch an easy brake as they navigate through the streets of their Baltimore home town. Finding their beauty doesn't discriminate against the wicked souls they once considered friends. As these two charter, the phoniness which most females encounter with other females when it comes to friendship, read and discover if Charlie and Queen will stand test of time. Charlie, haunted by the past suffers from depression. Constantly asking the question "why" while Queen faces heartbreaking agony, as someone close to her pays the ultimate price. Will bitterness eat Charlie alive after an attempt by an unlikely source was made to end her life? And through sickness and despair, will Queen find a blessing or diamond in the rough? Be wowed as author Juanita Nathaniel takes you on the labyrinth course. Because in Baltimore, MD, Backstabbing & Betrayal. Yeah, that sounds just about right!

--Juanita Nathaniel

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