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Autumn Spring

This is the story of how two people bridged the age gap and found each other.

Larry Watts is fifty-two. He is the senior forklift driver at Marr Freight in the flyover country city of Middleton. He has also lived the longest at the upscale Richland Townhomes apartments, in which he resides in apartment four, and which is located in one of Middleton's better suburbs. Larry has been divorced for many years, and has finally become comfortable with his single late middle-aged life. Everything seems set, and he seems to be set in his ways, until someone comes along to change all of that.

Brandy Ames is a perky twenty-six. She is the recently hired receptionist at DCH Associates, PA, one of Middleton's most prestigious law firms. Brandy has become frustrated with the selfish ways of her current boyfriend, and has already decided to move out of his house. Anticipating a complete break with both her boyfriend and her recent past of troubles, she applies for and obtains a lease for apartment three at the Richland Townhomes, which is currently empty. She has no idea that her life is about to change as much as that of the new neighbor she is going to have next door.

The wind of the autumn spring descends upon both Larry and Brandy when they first meet, and they are soon caught in its wonderful embrace. Both quickly discover that they have a lot in common despite their differences in age, and both quickly develop first a close friendship and then a traditional romance that follows the old-fashioned lines that Larry prefers and Brandy quickly comes to appreciate. As they come together first as friends and then as a couple, both know that their lives are never going to be the same, thanks to the blessing both have been granted by the breath of the autumn spring.

--Sam Pettus

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