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Aunt Connie's Favorite Animals at the Zoo

When I was a little girl growing up in rural Oklahoma, our family lived hours away from the nearest zoo. We didn't get to visit the animals that we're going to read about in this book. We had horses, cows, dogs, and cats at our house but no elephants, bears, lions, or tigers. The animals at the zoo are too big and too wild for us to take home as pets so that's why it's fun to see pictures and read about them in books.

When animals are brought to the zoo, the zookeepers make every effort to keep them happy. They learn all about what the animals eat and how they like to sleep so they can create an environment that suits each animal. The zookeepers are specialized and highly trained how to keep themselves safe while they're feeding and taking care of the animals. Sometimes, the large animals are kept in pens or an enclosed area so they won't harm people.

Have you been to the zoo? I wonder which animals you like the best. Curl up while you think about your favorites and listen as we read Aunt Connie's Favorite Animals at the Zoo.

--Connie Collins

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