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Arise: (Little Girl, Get Up) Talitha Koum The Power of Mind-Set Shifting and How it Can Change Your Life

The most powerful instrument that you will have in your lifetime is your mind. When in harmony with the body and spirit, the mind has the capacity to shift your entire life.ARISE walks you through the steps needed to identify the power of shifting your mind to make the desired changes you need in life. A new life comes from a renewed way of seeing yourself. Whether you need to make small adjustments or you feel the need to make more significant changes in life, you will be required to examine your current point of view and be open to a perspective that is different from your current perspective. The way an architect draws a blueprint and a plan for the builder to build, ARISE provides you with the necessary tools to develop a personalized blueprint and a strategy that can potentially shift the trajectory of your life. You are responsible for building the structure of your life with a sense of quality and preparedness. My hope is that you continue the commitment to yourself beyond this book and incorporate these tools as part of your ongoing lifestyle. Congratulations for taking the steps toward embracing your higher self. ARISE! Novena J Riojas, LCSW, CPC

--Novena J. Riojas LCSW CPC

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