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Another Jack Trumane, Private Dick, Mystery: The Case of the Missing Match

Jack Trumane is a 1930s-era private detective constantly struggling to make ends meet. A beat cop, in any US city, who feels his career as a police detective was taken from him by Irish immigrants who filled a majority of law enforcement rolls during the early 1900s.

Through this lighthearted yet intriguing book, you will meet Ethel, who is Jack's love interest; Mildred, who works behind the lunch counter at Woolworths and has a soft spot for Jack; Bruce, the pawnshop owner who enjoys a love/hate relationship with our protagonist; and many other characters that contribute to each Jack Trumane, Private Dick novella.

Jack occasionally has "flash-forwards" to the late 1990s early 2000s via musical interludes. If you're paying attention, you will notice that while the story has a specific running timeline of a few days or weeks, references are made to holidays and months that could not possibly fit the time frame. Sexual overtones abound. These are all for comedic value. Relax and enjoy the world of Jack Trumane—Private Dick!

--Rick Taft

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