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Animal Tails

Animal Tails contains four short stories: "The Bird," "The Caticorn," "Daisy the Dog," and "Sammy the Little Star." "The Bird" is about a bird that thinks that he is ugly, but once he actually gets what he thinks he wanted, he realized that he was perfect the way he was."The Caticorn" is about a cat that wanted to be popular, so he disguises himself in order to belong and be accepted by others. However, he realizes that he is fine the way he is."Daisy the Dog is about a dog that gets to be a movie star, and once trouble arises, she realizes that everybody needs help from friends from time to time.The last story is called "Sammy the Little Star." This story is about a star that fell into the ocean and was raised as a starfish. This little star wishes to be a star up in the sky. No matter what he tried, he could not reach the sky. His friends and family helped him to finally reach his dream.

--Selene A. Olguin

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