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American Cop in Bosnia

The United Nations created the International Police Task Force to help create a new democratic-style law enforcement system to replace the previous one that terrorized the people of the old Yugoslavia under the Communist regime of Tito. Michael had been recruited to be a member of this force. Michael gained a position of prominence that provided him opportunities to improve the lives of the people in northern Bosnia as well as those police officers from around the world assigned to his region. Michael met many influential people, such as ambassadors, heads of state, and the most famous being Princess Diana. Michael was able to use his influence in overcoming roadblocks to help several families to emigrate from Bosnia and giving local people much-needed jobs to support their families. Michael was the liaison between the United Nations and the United States Army who maintained three bases of operations in the northern region. Michael's one-year assignment with the United Nations would become the most fulfilling year in his law enforcement career, one that changed his life forever.

--Michael Egbert

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