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Do you count yourself amongst the living or do you walk amongst the lost? Lost or dead, it doesn't really matter because the only difference is, you're still breathing air. But what if you didn't know who you were or where you came from? What if you had no friends, no money, nothing to eat and all points led nowhere? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you turn to?

What if something was coming for you that wanted to take you back to that place you can't remember but swore you'd never go back to? Without memories we're just bags of bones, wrapped in flesh and sealed with a million and one flaws. But each of us are uniquely different, one from another, and it's those memories that define who we are, not just what we see in the mirror. What if that something that was coming railed against everything you believe to be true. How would you deal with that? More importantly, what if there was a cure, a fix, a get out of jail free card? Would you take a leap of faith if it was just a phone call away? I did, knowing full well that once I dialed that number there was no turning back. The only way out now was through the belly of a beast no one should ever contemplate.

Never say never and never fall prey to complacence. It's what you don't see that will kill you. But how do you kill something that's already dead? You kill them the same way as the ones still breathing air. Again, would you make that call? I guess that all boils down to how important your life is to you.

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--Paul Daugherty

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