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All My Loves

MARGARET ZEE is the pen name of Margaret Krenz St. Clair Keenan. Zee is the author of Peking Dust, a memoir of her childhood growing up in Old Peking in the pre-communist era, when China’s ancient capital was one of the most exotic and beautiful cities in the world. She has also written two novels focusing on that magical old city: A Palace in Peking and Hoo Lee Jing (Fox fairy).

The present audacious literary work, entitled All My Loves, is a total departure from Zee’s previous writings. She labels it a novel, but with a question mark. Each chapter is a complete story in itself, but each is narrated in the first person by a character named Margaret Arden. The stories are candid accounts of episodes in Margaret Arden’s adventuresome and fantastic love life.

--Margaret Zee

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