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Alien Entanglement: Panspermia to Kali Yuga

She looks down at Earth through the front portal of her space craft, excited that she will soon be arriving home. She wants her last days to be spent on Earth even though she has never been there before. She does not have a human body and she has never seen a complete human being. The most human thing about her is her brain. It is very frustrating to her that she cannot communicate in a spoken or written language.

What if her spaceships are being followed? She nervously checks the rear portal for evidence of pursuing enemy ships. She is conflicted, she wants to go to Earth to see her people and protect them. But the journey there may end up with its destruction if the enemy knows where her spacecrafts are heading. If Earth is to survive, the enemy cannot know of the experiments conducted there a very long time ago. At any cost she will not allow the humans to suffer the same horrible fate that she has had to endure all her life. Her inaction may cause the purging of the "human essence" from her people. She must act fast - there is very little time before her masters arise.

She must quickly come up with a plan that will leave the humans as they are – alive and human. First she will have to recruit a few others like her while keeping her hibernating masters oblivious to her scheme. Fortunately, she is in charge while her masters hibernate. After the plan has been communicated to her recruits, she must not think about it anymore. After all, when the masters awaken, they will instinctively know something is wrong.

This is the backdrop to an exciting journey about alien-human entanglement. Human characters, using alien implanted communication methods, become the mediators between two warring alien nations. A page turner with a difference, it explores the humanness in a way that has not yet been done before. Ultimately, will the humans be able to stop the aliens from annihilating each other and demolishing Earth in the process?

Humans are computers with viruses, only this virus is different…

--K. Paul Gomel

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