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Against All Odds

According to Webster's Dictionary, resilience is defined as "a person's ability to recover from misfortune. Ken's primary purpose for writing this book is to illustrate that resilience dwells inside each of us. It's a gift from God!

God carried Ken through verbal, physical, and domestic abuse from his parents and racism from society. His parents repeatedly told him that he would never amount to anything. Their negative attitudes, combined with societal racism being his norm, resulted in him having low self-esteem.

Over the years, Ken was overwhelmed with life issues. Issues included the death of his parents, divorce, financial shortfalls, mental and physical health issues from serving in the US Army in Vietnam, and other stressful events. During these troubled times, he eventually learned to let go and let God as he was sinking into deep depression.

For most of Ken's life, he thought God had forsaken him. After numerous sessions, his counseling psychologist told him to look back over his life and realize his resilience. Through reflection, he realized that after each dreadful misfortune, he grew more resilient. He believes these misfortunes were God's test to build his fortitude and character. He now understands that God was always present in his life, from childhood to adulthood.

Life lesson: If God blessed Ken, a hardworking country boy from the rural south, He will do the same for you. Work hard to pursue your dreams and visions. Be persistent, have faith, pray fervent prayers and God will grant favor, blessings, and carry you too.

--Kenneth Leon Little, Sr.

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