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Meet Tatum Beckett; a 27-year-old woman who knows what she wants and plays by her own rules. She’s confident, smart, sexy and funnier than hell. She swears like a sailor, loves spending her days on the water and is about as sarcastic as they come. Tatum’s group of close friends, her wild aunts and her loving mother bring just the right amount of comedy to the sexy love story. When Tatum meets 32-year-old successful businessman and restaurateur Roman Sharp at her work holiday party, the immediate attraction they have for each other leaves them both dreaming of release.

In Afloat, told from Tatum’s point of view, she and Roman are both scarred from tragedies and betrayals in their past. With an abundance of trust issues between the two of them and neither wanting to relinquish control, all odds are against the pair. What is sure to be another failed relationship turns out to be the only thing that can save them both from themselves. This approximately 100,000 word fictional romance is based in present day Chicago, IL and Madison, WI and follows Tatum and Roman as they meet, have amazing sex, share their pasts and ultimately fall in love. Unfortunately, sometimes love just isn’t enough…or is it?

--J.B. Leslie

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