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Addiction What It Was Like Conviction What Happened Redemption What It Is Like Now (A True Story)

Dear reader: In this riveting true story, you will be amazed at the devastation, dysfunction, addiction, and finally, success in the life of the author! He has reinvented himself several times in his seventy-five years on this earth. Living his first four years in a city near Trenton, New Jersey, he moved to a small tenant house on a farm in New Egypt, New Jersey, where the dysfunction began. He lived there with his parents and siblings—always feeling poor, hungry, and abandoned! When he was ten years old, he began doing anything he wanted to do and became a juvenile delinquent.His father passed away when he was twelve, and his mother moved the family to Bordentown, New Jersey, where he felt lost and alone. To ease the pain, he began drinking and hanging out with older teenagers because it made him feel older. He was restless most of the time and began to look for adventure in the wrong ways. Drinking was not an adventure anymore, but stealing cars was! Three court appearances later, he had to reinvent himself for the first time.Now fifteen years old, it was time for another reinvention. He thought he would settle down and change his ways if he had a girlfriend. The first girlfriend didn't work, and girlfriends became another addiction over a period of three years. Alcohol and women weren't working either. The early dysfunction was still there!The chaos went on for nine more years before the redemption started; all those in recovery know what the chaos is, but the author lets you know how it works after redemption.Forty-eight years sober, with twenty-five as a licensed addiction counselor, his story will amaze you with hope and inspiration.

--James Hendrickson

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