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A Wildflower in the Dark

The year is 2192. Much of the world that we once knew is now left to a declining decay of hopelessness and resentment. Meaningless wars over power have ravaged and divided colonies, while people struggle for an explanation as to why. For thirty-two-year-old Gretan Hutchen, one particular war is about to meet him head-on. A war so personal for Gretan, he begins to travel down a road of self-discovery, love, adversity, and his obligation to protect what is right in his world.

Born into severe sickness and left abandoned in a park bathroom, Gretan fights for his life to survive and later becomes adopted into a grieving family who has suffered traumatic losses—much as he has. Enduring a somewhat difficult life riddled with tragedy and disappointment, Gretan later discovers, through his grandmother, that he was born with an uncanny ability that many are unaware of—the ability to see and communicate with the Sleepless dead.

Harnessing his newfound ability, Gretan comes across a young Sleepless lady that continues to pique his interest. After much research and mysterious clues, he discovers that this world is nothing as he once imagined it. Evil forces, known as the Ancients, now lurk about with a diabolical agenda—kidnap the Sleepless dead and convert them to their ranks.

Feeling determined, Gretan knows deep down inside, failure is not an option for him—for he is ready to protect, fight, and sacrifice for what is right in this world.

--Michael E. Kozak

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