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A Tribute to Motherland

There is no devotion to God without devotion to the motherland. We are in debt to our mothers for bringing us into this world by carrying nine months in her womb and nurture us. Similarly, motherland provides us everything we need. Patriotism promotes unity and harmony. This book, A Tribute to the Motherland, is a small token of my appreciation to her. It sheds a light on the culture and values of ancient India, which has gradually declined due to materialistic overindulgence which currently is dominating the Indian society. There is also so much intentional distortion, construed, twisted misrepresentation and misinformation about Indian history flooded into the Western school textbooks and the news media. A single thought from one person's mind can change the world for good and with that thought in mind, an attempt was made to bring awareness to the world about the true nature of Hinduism which is Sanatana Dharma, an eternal way of virtuous life. The motherland is glorified with 108 names as mantras (Ashtottaram), and these mantras can be used during Independence Day and Republic Day, at schools, and government offices where corruption is rampant.

--D.V. Pasupuleti

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