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A Tough Love Guide to a Better Life

"A Tough Love Guide to a better life" is a hard hitting, life changing, smack you in the face, blow your hair back book of truth, heartbreak, triumph and reawakening.

WARNING- read only if you want your socks blown off!

This book is a fresh perspective of hope in a world that is seemingly going further into chaos. If you are feeling lost and confused than you need to read this book. It gets to the true root causes (inherent in all humans) of depression, anger, jealousy, and the feeling of hopelessness that goes along with those emotions. It breaks the barriers of the destructive, deceitful thought patterns and beliefs such as, "If I was born this way than it must be impossible to change and there's nothing I can do about it" or "the thoughts just pop into my head I can't control them", and many more.

--Tina Holloway

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