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A Survivor's Cookbook Guide to Kicking Hypothyroidism's Booty

A personal favorite quote of mine is “From stressed to blessed.” I mean this, believe, and receive this. I’ve been battling hypothyroidism for years, and I wanted to create a user-friendly handbook to help anyone affected by this disorder. I’ve seen many doctors over the years and none offered me ideas on diet change. I’ve included recipes, ideas on solutions for a healthier home, what you should be eating and shouldn’t, how to shed those extra pounds, regain your self-confidence and vitality back into your life. I want you to feel strong, sexy, and beautiful. This is my heartfelt guide to you. Together, once again, you can start to gain that wonderful life that you deserve. I am a student in this thing called life. I want to be remembered as a pioneer who thought, imagined, and inspired. What we feel at times is the impossible or unthinkable. Life is a wonderful journey. Laugh at yourself as much as possible! Never try to walk someone else’s path. You are destined for your own path and journey. I can’t be you, and you can’t be me. It’s up to you to accept your journey and walk your path in life. Let’s kick hypothyroidism’s booty together!

--A. L. Childers

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