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A Spider in the Tub

A Spider in the Tub is a collection of short stories, essays, poems, and one commercial script, none of which have ever been published or produced. They were all written over a period of many years and tossed into a box in my den with the hope of one day finding a way to share them with readers. Page Publishing has once again given me that opportunity, just as they did with my first book, Why I Never Had Kids.

The title accurately describes the book's contents, as each entry will very likely surprise, even sting you in some way, and take you to places you never expected to go. Some of the short stories, particularly "To Steal a Tombstone," "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," and "The Devil in the Deep, Dark Water" may make you squirm and send a sharp chill from your toes, up your neck, and into your brain, causing your eyes to abnormally widen. Read them by a gentle fire late at night when you are alone to get their maximum effect.

I believe that you will find the essays to be entertaining and informative, especially the pieces entitled "The Day I Met Jane Fonda," "An Evening with Jimmy Webb," and "Meeting the Clooneys." I am sure that local readers will very much enjoy "Crosley Field Memories."

The poems will take you down a snaking road that is pleasant, sweet, jovial, dark, and rocky. They represent life's perpetual roller-coaster ride of human feelings. Long before you read this book's final word, you will more than likely ask yourself, Where does Matre come up with some of this stuff?

Don't worry. The kid's all right. I'm just using and enjoying God's gift to me and doing what I do best—write!

--Michael Matre

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