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A Soul Returns

Two ancient civilizations and two ancient religions collide once again.

For generations, Sayyid Rashid, the wealthiest man in the world, has been manipulating the policies of both the Middle East and the United States to achieve his ultimate goal: the destruction of Israel. The owner of the world's largest pharmaceutical corporation, he uses his vast wealth and modern medical technology to create a leader like the world has not seen since ancient times. However, he does not anticipate the evil that will be brought in to the world. Could this be the fulfillment of two ancient prophecies?

The Templar Knights is an ancient organization whose modern-day reason for existence is to protect the nation of Israel. Searching for the only people who can disrupt Rashid's plans, the Templars are led to the remote mountains near the Salmon River in Idaho. Will the Templars succeed in protecting them from Rashid's men, or will they be destroyed by their own internal struggles?

Caught in the middle are twin brothers who were separated at birth and raised on opposite sides of the world. Now, one's creation is out to destroy the world; the other is out to destroy the creation. Will one or both survive? As the world moves toward peace, is it true peace or the greatest deception ever seen?

--Phillip Wayne Cummins

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