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A Reluctant Agnostic

A Reluctant Agnostic is a story about sincere, humble, joyous Christianity confronted by contradictory natural evidence—a tale of religious conviction at odds with science.

The author grew up in the very unique Old German Baptist Brethren Church, where he was immersed in wholehearted fundamental faith, and he shares details of the Brethren experience with an insider’s affection.

Yet for all their distinctiveness, these plain-living people nevertheless embrace the same biblical precepts and theology as multimillions of other Christians, so the broader questions and issues raised in this book address a wide audience from their familiar Christian point of view. Furthermore, the author speaks movingly of the Gospel and savior he loved in a way even non-Christians will appreciate.

But why did this reluctant agnostic lose his beloved faith? And how do these same questions relate to you?

This is an important discussion which is relevant to everyone who values truth and contemplates mortality. Join him as he explores the distinctions between science and faith, and wrestles with how we can know for sure what’s really real.

--Loren Bauman

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