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A Promise Once Made

Jeffrey broke Susan's heart the day before they were to be married.

He soon regretted his decision and vowed to win her back, no matter what he had to do.

Her boss assigned her to a job traveling with her work so she could avoid having contact with him.

He spent most of his spare time trying to find out where she was working, so he could follow her there and plead his case. Each time he found her, she rebuffed his apologies and declarations of love.

The more she refused him, the more desperate he became.

His boss even stepped in to see if he could help her escape from him, but even he couldn't derail Jeffrey's determination to get her to forgive him.

Would he never stop following her? What would she have to do or say to persuade him that they had no future together? Would she never be safe from his advances?

Little did she know the lengths he would go to in his efforts to win her back.

--Joyce Armintrout

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