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A Personal View of History: Churchhill-Obama

Rhoda Fishman commenced her journal writing career when she was about 13 in junior high school. The journal recalled the significant events taking place in World War II from midsummer 1940 to midsummer 1941. Rhoda started that journal with a detailed description of the Democratic Presidential Convention in the summer of 1940. Also included were the results of sports events important to the family.

Rhoda met and married Henry Sandler in 1950. Rhoda suffered a stroke in 2012 and died at age 85. Shortly after, Henry moved from their house of 58 years. At that time, daughter Jessica found and boxed up about half of the journals Rhoda had written during the 62 years of their married life.

Henry hesitated for quite awhile before reading the journals. As expected, they consisted mostly of Rhoda's comings and goings and some of Henry's as well, and interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. From time to time, Rhoda would note items of current events. It could be one line, i.e. an earthquake in Indonesia, or one page or a page and a half on something else like the moon landing in 1969 or the terrorist destruction of the twin towers in New York City in 2001. A large number of entries concern politics. In most cases, Rhoda would express her opinion and analyze what effect it might have.

Rhoda always wanted her and Henry to be together.

Rhoda had corresponded regularly with several friends. They would always urge her to write a book based on her reading. But she would always reply, "I would rather read than write."

Henry had written an engineering book that had been published. He then realized, with the extract of the current events in her journals, he would have them published, so Henry and Rhoda would then be together in the Library of Congress.

This is Rhoda's book.

--Rhoda F. Sandler

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