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A History of Bridgeburg and its People

History of Bridgeburg and Its People is a candid chronology of this small hamlet and the people who resided there through the years. It gives a personal glimpse of the way of life that was so much a part of the 1940s and 1950s as I remember them. Events and people of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are included. It goes through most of the families who resided there and their contributions to this small community, how the railroads helped to shape Bridgeburg, and eventually, the building of the railroad bridge that gave the town its name. Thinking back, it is truly amazing how their way of life was so much a part of this thriving community. On occasion, I think back to those years and the friends and families who dwelled there. This was so much a different world from the one in which we live today. Those memories still hold deep within my heart and cannot be forgotten.

--Bob Whited

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