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A Game with the Mind: To See What You Can Find

A Game with the Mind to See What You Can Find reveals what is truly in the mind and heart of the reader.

Through the exercises and examples carefully sequenced for progressive learning, one will experience both the why and how of the personal poetic experience. The instructive flow of A Game with the Mind leads the reader through the process of learning about one's innermost self. One will find the advantage of dealing with one's own adversities, emotions, or even successes in a way that will lead to solutions, understandings, and even revelations about oneself.

The greatest difficultly about understanding the value of poetry lies in its most valued use. It is not to beautify speech as much as it is to learn of one's innermost thoughts pertaining to any situation that is emotionally, spiritually, or physically felt. The beauty of poetry comes through the illuminating voice of the inner self. This book leads one to this objective.

The how of poetry seems to be the most elusive for the beginner. How or where does one begin and how does one continue. This book teaches a simple methodology for the beginner. It points the way to extract feelings from your mind and heart that you are unaware of. It creates an aha for the soul in seeing solutions to problems or finding peace through new understanding.

In essence, this book is either a self-help book or an English teacher's textbook for poetry. The book progressively works through assignments from the simple basic poetry on toward most styles of poetry of the last two to three hundred years. It shows how these can be used today to express our varied feelings and emotions.

--John A. Fosse

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