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A Forever Home: Grey's Ranch Trilogy

Alessandra Petrovich is forced to leave her home in Kosovo, as a teenager, caught in the struggle between ethnic groups and terrified of the father she loves. She and her mother hide among thousands of refugees seeking asylum in other countries. Their journey leads them to a small Midwestern town in the United States, where they find solace and create a home for themselves. After fifteen years, Alessandra finds out her father is desperate to find her. She is forced to flee, once again, this time without her mother.

Orion Grey returns to the small community of Hideaway Canyon, Colorado, near his family, to recuperate from his last mission. Understanding the sacrifices required of his job, he struggles to rectify his idealistic childhood. Orion does what any man would, after finding an unconscious woman along the roadside during a winter storm. Alessandra becomes unwittingly dependent upon Orion and his family as her memory returns, and her past is discovered.

Will Orion be able to help Alessandra find out where she came from? Does she really want to know? What kind of dangers will the woman bring to the peaceful mountain village? Can two people who have survived dubious pasts, find love? Everyone deserves their happily ever after and a place to call their forever home. A place filled with love and a sense of security. A Forever Home: Grey's Ranch Trilogy represents hope for people who live on the margins of society and an opportunity to open the hearts of those of us who have our happily ever after and forever home, to those who don't.

--Pamela J. Roe

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