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A Chip Off the Silicon Block: The Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Ever wonder why the success rate of start-up companies is so low? In this inspirational and informative book, Latham demonstrates how the power of sound entrepreneurial thinking can lead to positive results in the most daunting of circumstances. Latham's company, Thermagon Inc., evolved as an offshoot of the explosive growth of silicon chips driving the computer industry and the information age.

As computers transitioned from large mainframes, filling whole airconditioned rooms to personal computers, such as desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, their functionality and speed were dramatically increasing. This phenomenon of miniaturization, combined with increased function and speed, caused overheating of the silicon chips, leading to widespread system failure. Hence, the evolution of the industry designed to manage the heat in electronic systems, of which Thermagon, became a worldwide leader. As a female, Latham defied all odds by successfully creating the products, the facilities, and the funding for a thriving and much sought-after company in the world of technology overwhelmingly dominated by men.

Latham, by sharing her experiences in developing Thermagon and in assisting other start-up endeavors, intends to inspire budding entrepreneurs, working against all odds, by providing guidelines and principles for attaining success. The multitude of personal stories embracing her journey are sure to keep you entertained.

--Carol Latham

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