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A Chance in Love


I was a simple, shy girl who didn’t have the easiest childhood. My parents died when I was ten, and I spent the rest of my childhood in foster care. I didn’t have any friends until one day, when I met the girl who changed my whole life. She became my best friend and my only family. My life started looking up again. I was ready to live my life somewhere new, and I didn’t have any problems in my life. But it all changed when I met a guy who was destined to change my life forever. The moment I met him, I knew that he was the one for me. I think I fell in love with him the moment our eyes met. I know it’s silly, but at that moment, I believed it. I thought we would live happily ever after, without any complication. But as it turns out, there are no fairytales in real life. Every good thing will come to an end. I thought our love could survive everything, but I’m not sure it can survive this.



The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one for me. After all these years of looking, I finally found her. I did everything in my power to make her mine. And I succeeded. But I had a secret that I kept from her, and I was sure if she discovered it, I would lose her for good. I did everything to keep it from her, but as they say, no secret stays a secret forever. She found out, and everything went downhill from there. But I won’t give up. I would do anything to get her back because she is my life, and I am nothing without her.

This is our chance at love.

--Kaidi Avloi

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