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A Chance for Fulfillment

"You and I know that our time together is nearing its end. During the past five years you created a nest of nurturing for me that has enabled me develop the best wings which I will need to fly. During these years, I have greatly benefited from being under the security of your wings. The process has patiently prepared me with confidence and determination to achieve fulfillment. I am confident that it is time for me to leave the security of the nest and fly towards the future which is beckoning to me."

In " A Chance for Fulfillment" Julius Feliciano Warthen tells the compelling story about Lionel Gamaliel Wilson, a young, African American, male, and his plight towards fulfillment of his dreams for obtaining and completing his desired level of education. Fate brings Lionel Wilson and Dr. David Malcom together. Lionel initially viewed Dr. Malcom with suspicion, but soon realized that Dr. Malcom was his life's blessing, and the person who would nurture his growth and transition. Along his plight fate also brought another person into his life who became an inseparable friend, brother and integral part of his life. Lionel found romance with a young lady who provided his needs for true, supportive love. Let him inspire you with a look at how an initial plight from disappointment and confusion brought him in contact with a group of devoted friends who supported his efforts to fulfillment of his dreams and a chance for fulfillment.

--Julius Feliciano Warthen

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