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A Calling to Fulfill: Reflections of a Missionary

Marion Lamar Simpson has been called a trailblazer and pioneer among individuals and leaders of his community. The late Atlanta City councilman Archie Byron once stated that Marion was born to help improve the conditions, nurturing, and growth of disadvantaged children and young adults.Marion's life story is told and gives the reader detailed family issues that molded him into being who he became. Much information is revealed from his childhood about incidents in his past while growing up in a world that affected him, his friends, his family, and his community.The book details his achievements, challenges, downfalls, and triumphs of life, and the world's state of turmoil and change during his development. Simpson discusses his battle with using drugs and almost giving up on his dream to be a humanitarian. Mr. Simpson experiences an act of recompense with God himself and recognizes that he is able to accomplish an array of goals by the testing of his faith. If Mr. Simpson had not risen above his life adversities, what would have happened to the over seventeen thousand homeless young people he was eventually responsible for overseeing and providing a haven at the Young Adult Guidance Center Inc.?Marion's story will also be of particular interest to those readers who are studying in the areas of social science, social work, and social services, who may have a desire to develop their own support service agency.

--Marion Lamar Simpson

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