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A Bloodline's Legacy

A Bloodline Legacy is about the legacy of a strong royal bloodline. The bloodline stood strong against the ever-changing times they faced. The one kingdom that became four kingdoms then became one once more, then a village and then finally a city. The bloodline withstood it all and continues to strengthen. At present day, Dellamae, Maryellen, and Katerena can trace their family bloodline all the way back to the great king and queen, the first king and queen of then Albian. The great queen prophesized about the coming of the age of the high queen. She is of the bloodline, and she would change the perspective of royalty. The high queen prophesized that she would be the last queen and the kingdom would become a village. Her children would rule with a council and not a crown, and that they did. They also grew and protected their village and whoever else needed their help. Over the generations, the bloodline became the most powerful bloodline. The bloodline would then protect the people of the world. A Bloodline Legacy is about the history of the present-day city. At present, the city is thriving and the current generation is living life to the fullest. What kind of legacy will you leave behind? What do you want to be remembered by? The bloodline is known for being strong and powerful. That is their legacy. What’s yours?

--Jexika Winters

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