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80's Baby

Peppa is an up-and-coming pimp from Richmond, California, who's facing the trials and tribulations of street life on his quest to be the biggest pimp he can possibly be. But the game he's playing comes with ultimate sacrifices and rules he must stick to for him to become successful in the game. He's a con man slash pimp who will do whatever to acquire the almighty dollar. He's dealing with a wife at home who's aware of his dealings with the streets and a flock of hos in his stable who are coming in at a rapid pace, and he's pissing some people off along the way.

Eyevette, Peppa's wife, is a drug dealer who's dealing in the streets of Richmond, trying to grind her way to the top rock for rock. And she has the recipe that's going to get her rich. And she's doing so while raising her children and trying to stick by her husband's side through thick and thin and be a good bottom bitch to him and his stable, but while she's getting money, others want in on her turf.

Lil Pep is a product of the '80s and is soaking all his parents' actions in and is watching and preparing himself to be a major pimp like his father or a major hustla' like his mother. His innocent youth is being sucked away before his eyes as he's getting the game raw and uncut from his parents. He is growing up in the '80s crack era where anything goes, and he wants in.

Will this family make it through the storm, and do they realize the influence that they're having on their children? Dope era. It's all in the game.

--Lenny Haskins, #84966-083

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