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4183830 A.D.

This book has always been, and wishes to confront the lies that we as a society have accepted as truth. This book is not intended to belittle any person (but if the shoe fits) it’s sole purpose is to reveal and explain the truth. I do hope and pray that it will open the eyes (spiritually speaking) of those who are seeking the truth. There is only “One Truth”, and that truth is and has always been! Man has altered (diluted) that truth with his own weak minded assumptions. Remember Jesus said that a house divided will fall. Why else do you have so many denominations? And they all have their origin from the Roman Catholic Church. The Reformation was needed in order to bring back (Reveal) the truth of “Gods’ Word” little by little through time. The One and Only Church was started on the day of Pentecost, and the church of God will always be and stay the same. For God does not change!

--H. L. Disciple

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