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NFL Hall of Famer, Marv Levy, wasn’t ready to just call it quits after coaching football for 47 years. He turned to another love in his life, and that was writing. Having already penned a New York Times Best Selling autobiography, his newest book, "It’s Time For A Rhyme," continues to keep the energy flowing with his insightful and amusing poetry.

"It’s Time For A Rhyme" by author Marv Levy

"The Nappers is a saga about an East Harlem, New York, gangster who comes up with a lucrative, if dangerous idea of kidnapping his fellow gangsters. It is also the story about the collapse of the mob, which turns out to have been caused more by Urban Renewal than the FBI. And there is also enough of a love story stirred into the plot to make a great movie."

Nick Pileggi—Author of "Wiseguy" and the screenplay "Goodfellas"

Mr. Rahaman Ali, brother of Muhammad Ali, is making his debut as the author of this riveting memoir. Mr. Rahaman Ali poured his heart into conveying, from memory, an accounting of his life story. He wrote the manuscript, in a diary form and he personally selected H. Ron Brashear to help him tell his story to the world.

"That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother! My Life on the Undercard" by authors Rahaman Ali with H. Ron Brashear

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I cannot say enough about Page Publishing. They have gone way above and beyond my expectations. I felt like Nichole was working just for me. She is what customer service is all about. The changes to my book that were suggested enhanced it in wonderful ways. It's like the whole staff was inside my head and heart to produce the perfect product. I can't thank them enough, and the animals that will benefit from it thank you also. Read more
Getting together with Page Publishing was the best thing I have ever done. They worked with me through the whole process. I couldn't ask for better. They made my dreams come true. I just can't believe I have my book out in the world for people to read. I will always be so grateful to Page Publishing for every thing. You are the greatest. Thank you. Read more
I just have to say that your company and its professionals have gone beyond my expectations. From the beginning with Stephen to my publication coordinator Noel, these guys have answered my questions, been supportive in every way and made my job easy! I give them high praise. This began as a daunting experience where I was unsure of the outcome, but these fine gentlemen went way beyond the call of duty and calmed my fears and assured me all would be okay. Fine job guys! I look forward to more books to come and working with you!Read more
Noel- after looking at the words describing my work and the cover I am taken back. I mean it is all so beautiful and the words I assume are yours. Thank you for such a gracious introduction to the literary world. With you and Page Publishing behind me how can I fail. God Bless all of you at Page. I’m at a loss for more words. THANK YOU!!!!Read more
Page publishing is great for first timers like myself. Nick has walked through everything. He mad me feel at ease. I had fear about putting myself out there. I can say that they are doing a great job for me.Read more
Page Publishing has done a wonderful job on my book, "The Quarry". From my first conversation with Richard Roma, I was never disappointed with the process. My Publishing Coordinator, Gretchen Wills, and her team, in a professional and timely manner, helped me turn my manuscript into the beautiful book I now hold in my hand. I am a proud author. Thank you so much, Page Publishing.Read more
Page Publishing has been a blessing to me. They pretty much held my hand during the whole process, from beginning to the end. I must take my hat off to Michael Yarnell, it's as though he wanted everything to be perfect for me more than I did. Thank you Michael. This publishing company has been great in timing and in correcting my suggested manuscript changes. This is my first book and because of Page Publishing and God it won't be my last. I look forward to working with Page Publishing for as long as they'll have me. Thanks so much.Read more
Submitting the manuscript of my first book "Why" was one of the best experiences of my life. To see my book published and out there for all to read was overwhelming to say the least. The staff at Page Publishing was very professional, especially Casey my publication coordinator who answered all my many questions knowledgeably and to the point. I highly recommend Page Publishing to all authors. Thank you all at Page Publishing for making my dream come true Read more
I want to thank Page Publishing for working with me on the publication of my first book. My experience has been good from my first contact with Page Publishing through the publishing process with my coordinator, Gretchen. Page's editors were professional and easy to work with and the art department that prepared the front and back covers did a great job. I would definitely recommend Page Publishing for new authors and will contact them again when I am ready to publish my second book.Read more
I am so glad that I chose Page Publishing over other options. I have been very appreciative of all the help, suggestions, and patience that you have shown me while publishing my first book. Thank you all! Read more

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